Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 25th, 1976

Two of my things are in HORIZONS! I got the second sold copy. My Linda Blair tribute poem caused quite a stir in Algebra today. I'm glad I only have to put up with that crew three (four?) more times.

Got another A+ on my school journal at least and Mr. S wants me to recopy the poem I wrote about Constance for next year's HORIZONS.

Didn't finish another Spanish test...and it was open book, yet! Boy! I hope my grades don't fall off this time. that was the last test this grade period, too.

Two silly fools made fun of the way I walk today! I gave 'em the old duck squeal! And they laughed at me! Stupid bitches!

Closer and closer to Wings. Two days off and I'm not half as nervous as I was two week ago.

Terry called and backed out of our Sunday plans for an excursion to the Showcase Cinemas.

Saw coverage of the premiere of WON TON TON, THE DOG WHO SAVED HOLLYWOOD on Merv tonight. Looks good. Can't wait to see it.

NOTES: Whoa! Pardon my language. If you've noticed, I didn't curse much, even here in the privacy of my own journal. The odd "damn" and "hell" for effect and that was it. Thus, seeing "bitches" here surprised me! Shocked me, even!

The controversy over my poem about Linda Blair was that some joker started the rumor that it was, instead, a tribute to porn star Linda Lovelace.

WON TON TON was one of those films that was expected to be big and instead became something less than even a trivia question. It starred a dog, Art Carney, Bruce Dern and Madeline Kahn along with a cast of scores of old-time stars in tiny, pointless cameos. A supposed comedy, it was directed by the man who had previously directed the ultra-violent Charles Bronson picture, DEATH WISH.

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  1. I recall watching Won Ton Ton on TV in the late 70's. It was promoted as a comic farce. Frankly, it bored me and I recall turning it off in favor of something else.