Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday, May 4th, 1976

Finished the Superman book! I sure hope they show some of the episodes at Omnicon...which we are going to if I can ever get them to write and make the reservations! Soon!

Mom got home early again and had dinner ready by the time I got in.

I went back to Sherlock for half a story today. I'll get it finished eventually. Never seen a thicker book!

MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS was back tonight after two weeks off and it was now in a later time slot. I see where it's going to be late again next week.

NOTES: I'm pretty sure I never did completely finish that Sherlock Holmes book!

My mother worked in an old-fashioned bag company, running dangerous industrial sewing machines to make sacks out of burlap and other coarse materials. I never did know exactly what they were used for. The company also was a barrel works but she had nothing to do with that side of it. They were based right on the Ohio River. She took the bus out every morning at 7 and had to walk down a steep road from the bus stop. Worked there before I was born, took a few years off, went back when I was four. She was a tiny woman but a tireless worker and they loved her there. A few years after this, when she had been off sick with cancer for six months, a planned return to work was felled by the disease's return. The company retroactively retired her (she was 67) and the big boss came by to present her a much bigger than it should have been retirement fund check!

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  1. A sad but heartwarming story. It is rare to hear of companies caring for their employees that way today.