Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday, May 13th, 1976

A half and half day. Lots of good and neutral stuff. Humberton was out sick! Yay! Made my day. Maybe he'll stay sick 'til school's out. I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one that would make happy.

We started the play in class today. In 6th period, I got "stuck" in Marie's experiment group.

The worst part of the day was after school. My locker got bent! No idea what happened but I had to find someone who could loan my pliers. Then I still had a tough time unbending it and an even tougher time finding someone to return the pliers to! I missed both buses because of all that.

On the slightly better side, I see where Jim Kelly's new Warner Brothers movie is out--double featured with ENTER THE DRAGON, in fact. Not playing anywhere I can easily get to it though.

We got an invitation to Jeff's graduation.

NOTES: Rich Humberton (not his real name) was somewhat of a thorn in my side all through high school--not a good student (and one of the very few I ever saw with marijuana), he was popular and successful in other areas so some teachers seemed to look the other way at his egotistical bullying and class disruptions. That's all I'm going to say except that he went on to be very successful in life from what I understand while I have no idea as I write this how I'm going to pay my electric bill. Life isn't fair.

Jim Kelly was a Kentucky native who had co-starred with the late Bruce Lee in 1973's ENTER THE DRAGON. A solo follow-up, BLACK BELT JONES wasn't very successful (or very good) but showed that Kelly had the charisma to make it as a star. Here we were three years later, though, and his new picture, HOT POTATO, was barely being shown in spite of the fact that it was produced and directed by the same folks who had done ENTER THE DRAGON. In the end, with the blaxplotation era pretty much ending by mid-decade and the martial arts craze adrift without its biggest star, Kelly was cursed to remain just a cult star.

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