Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday, May 22nd, 1976

Over the river this morning all I got was breakfast--Wendy's--and lottery tickets for Dad.

This afternoon I went to see Segal and Hawn at Newport. When I got back, I helped out with yard work a bit.

I ordered the signed Frank Brunner book and finally the tickets and reservations for Omnicon!

The Beatles were on a very special MIDNIGHT SPECIAL tonight but it was disappointing.

NOTES: I don't recall ever having a signed Frank Brunner book. Perhaps it was sold out and I never received it. We'll see.

MIDNIGHT SPECIAL was a great music show hosted at various times by Wolfman Jack and Helen Reddy. Oddly, it wasn't on at midnight at all but at 1 AM.

Back in April I noted that Goldie Hawn and George Segal were opening that week at Newport in THE DUCHESS AND THE DIRTWATER FOX. The film wasn't a big hit (although I quite like the poster as seen here) so it seems unlikely it would still be playing there at this late point. Its opening may have been delayed.

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