Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday, May 9th, 1976

Mother's Day. Mom got a flower at church. Janet Plummer was in the choir at church. Didn't even know she went there.

Saw a Cagney film on TV after we got home but spent the rest of the day writing and rewriting homework that I never was able to finish. It got me very depressed by that point.

Finally I felt some better and watched the Super Games of ALMOST ANYTHING GOES. Also watched the great Michael Dunn on WILD, WILD WEST and the great Patrick McGoohan on a rerun of COLUMBO.

I didn't have to take out the trash because I went ahead and brought it up yesterday.

Wings' SILLY LOVE SONGS is up to number five on the Top Ten this week. I still say it'll make number one!

NOTES: Michael Dunn, seen here, may well have been the best "little person" actor of them all. Throughout his career, he appeared on stage and on television in many challenging, non-sterotypical roles, notably on GET SMART, STAR TREK and in a recurring villain role on Robert Conrad's western spy series,. THE WILD, WILD WEST. He had passed in 1973 and this was perhaps the first time I had seen him since that point.

Patrick McGoohan remains one of my favorite actors and certainly my favorite COLUMBO villain (in at least three episodes!). His series, THE PRISONER has been a favorite for 40 years. His series, RAFFERTY, about an eclectic, grouchy doctor, was a prototype of HOUSE. He was also Disney's SCARECROW OF ROMNEY MARSH and Agent John Drake, TV's DANGER MAN (known in the US as SECRET AGENT) which I received a DVD box set of just this year on my birthday.

Since I don't mention anything, apparently I didn't get my mother anything for Mother's Day except the card I spoke of yesterday. What a jerk I was! Sorry, Mom.

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