Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday, May 21st, 1976

Doc was out today so I didn't even get a chance to finish the exam. I'm praying I don't fail!

I sat all alone in Spanish while everyone else played cards.

I blew a perfectly good chance to actually talk with Constance today. She really does seem to be my type. The knowledge seems to be slipping away and the year-end exams are still to come!

IT. Reminds me, I saw Larry Flynt on TV. He seemed to make sense. I think I'll keep the mags I have now even if I don't get any more.

I seem to be staring to feel more grown-up lately but I can't really seem to describe how.

They distributed the Senior paper today. Missed signing Mary's Annual. We get ours on Wednesday. One year from today and I'm out!

The Beatles have a new single out! It's an old song but had never been released on 45.

NOTES: The Senior Paper was an odd tradition--do they still do this?--where everyone in the graduating class "wills" stuff to the incoming Seniors. I thought it was stupid then and my thinking hasn't changed. I don't recall anyone even asking me to be involved with mine the following year but even if they did, I would have done whatever I could to stay out of it.

By "Annual" I seem to have meant "Yearbook." Not sure why I referred to it thusly. Also not sure why some would have gotten theirs that day and "we" were expecting ours the following week. Not sure who "Mary" was either nor why my NOT signing hers was important enough to note here.

Throughout the seventies (and since), the Beatles would have their catalog exploited endlessly and relentlessly. I believe the single in question here was BACK IN THE USSR from the early compilation album seen here but I cant say for sure.


  1. The single was probably "Got To Get You Into My Life." It was a hit summer of 1976 because of the compilation Rock n' Roll Music.

  2. I remember my brother buying "Rock 'n' Roll Music". I always tried to match my thumbs up with those on the cover. Being 10, I don't think they did.