Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday, May 24th, 1976

Another false alarm at school.

Dumb old baseball cuts off the comic strip TV special tomorrow. Yuck!

Finished HARLAN AND MURD. Not good. Not really.

HORIZONS still hasn't come out yet!

Finished my exam and was virtually ignored by Kenny and Louise in Physics...or should I say what used to be Physics?

I sat behind Constance on the bus home and even allowed her to get on ahead of me. We spoke a few words at that point. I don't think I can say more than that to her...and I only have aweek to get up my confidence. I don't see it happening.

Two more exams Friday and then one next week.

Saw JOHN DAVIDSON with George Burns and a rather disgusting Charo on TV.

NOTES: I was really into baseball just a few years earlier with the Big Red Machine. Went to the games, collected and traded baseball cards...the whole bit. By this point, though, I had grown almost completely away from any interest in the game. A year or so earlier, I had met Pete Rose. I was walking into one of the stores in downtown Cincinnati where I bought comics. Pete was walking out. He opened the door quickly and knocked me down. He looked at me and said, "Watch it, kid." I looked up at him and said, "You...YOU'RE PETE ROSE!" Pete can do no wrong in Cincinnati.

I saw HARLAN AND MURD, my children's book project, around here recently. If I can find it, I'll scan and post it. It isn't as bad as I thought at the time.

Singer John Davidson,a favorite of mine since his sixties Disney films such as THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE, had a daytime talk/variety series around this time. Almost exactly a year later, he would be the headliner at the Beverly Hills Supper Club when it burned to the ground. Amongst those killed were the parents of a girl in my graduating class. Years later, I learned that my future mother-in-law had been there and left earlier that evening.


  1. Steve -

    Was your book title a take off on Harold and Maude?

  2. Y'know...I don't recall it conscious;y being a takeoff on HAROLD & MAUDE but let's see---a story about two very unusual friends who don't fit in anywhere. And that title...I'm thinking you may be onto something! Thanks for giving me a whole new perspective.

  3. I also thought of Harlan Ellison.

  4. You know, I was kind of sympathetic to Pete Rose's plight of not being eligible for the Hall of Fame, but reading your account changed my mind. What a jerk.