Friday, May 13, 2011

Wednesday, May 12th, 1976

Pretty bad day at school, particularly this afternoon. Got pretty good grade on my recent English work and got free orange juice (??) in Physics.

After school, I picked up four new books but saved a lot of money.

Tonight on TV, I watched Leonard Nimoy's THE UNEXPLAINED and the first of the resurrected FAY shows.

NOTES: Don't look at me. It was a really bad day in school's some good stuff. I "picked up"new books but "saved a lot of money?" Sounds like I shoplifted but I never did that. I swear!

FAY had been an acclaimed but short-lived sitcom the year starring highly respected actress Lee Grant, never a favorite of mine. I guess the network decided to burn off the remaining completed episodes around this time as the revived version lasted only a few more weeks. FAY had been created by the team who would, in 1977, bring us the delightfully weird SOAP whose large ensemble cast included actress Dinah Manoff, daughter of Lee Grant.

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