Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday, May 20th, 1976

Well, Constance was back today but I was too out of it all day for it to make a difference.

I didn't finish the Physics exam even though I stayed 'til 3:40! I may get to work more on it tomorrow.

I did get the thing for pictures but they're sure expensive! Two weeks from tomorrow.

I missed three buses and finally arrived at Cincy at 4:25! All I ended up buying was a $1.50 THOR and (illegible).

Finally caught up on my assignments tonight since there was nothing on TV. One more tomorrow.

One week until McCartney!

NOTES: Here's the THOR I bought that day, one of Marvel's oversized Treasury Editions reprinting earlier stories. In this case, it featured a brand new cover by the character's creator, Jack Kirby, who had then recently returned to Marvel after a long stint at DC.

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