Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 28th, 1976

The day after. Ears are still ringing. Nothing in this morning's paper but the POST tonight had a glowing review. Had Wings music playing in my head all day long. Almost went and bought RED ROSE SPEEDWAY after school.

Both papers panned "JUGS," though.

Finished my history exam in about 1/4 time. Hope it's good. Algebra took much longer and I don't expect it to be as good. Louise got me to sign her Annual.

Notes: Louise was just a girl in my class. I remember being surprised she asked me, though.

I should have listened to the papers as far as MOTHER, JUGS AND SPEDD. But, no...Had to find out for myself a few days later.

As much as I loved Wings, albums could be expensive. Sometimes three dollars and up! Thus I still hadn't purchased some of the group's earlier albums including 1973's RED ROSE SPEEDWAY, a not bad record in which the fledgling group wasn't quite yet up to par. I didn't end up getting it that day but I soon would.

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  1. >Both papers panned "JUGS," though.

    For a minute I thought, "Man, the papers reviewed dirty magazines?!"