Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday, May 29th, 1976

Forgot to mention before but in Thursday, we got both confirmations from Louisville and then today, I got the one from Seattle on Brunner.

Lots of new stuff out today but nothing terrific. Ran into Terry. I picked up one movie mag, one monster newspaper, one Marvel mag, lots of comics, two McCartney article mags, one paper and RED ROSE SPEEDWAY! Not to mention Wendy's.

Skipped Erlanger. Spent most of the day lying around listening to Wings and reading comics.

IT and it was quite a relief! Now I know what Burt Lancaster meant.

NOTES: The confirmations were from OMNICON, the next big thing on my list that summer...well...after the upcoming end of the school year.

Somewhere I had seen a quote said to be from actor Burt Lancaster (supposedly from or from around the time of THE SWIMMER) extolling the virtues of masturbation for stress relief. Having never perceived a positive rationale for it myself, I was quick to take this quote to heart and for once I did NOT feel guilty about it!

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