Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 11th, 1976

Back to school. I saw a lot of Marie today. more or less handled or made plans to get a handle on all of my make-up work. Got another "A" on my journal. Read two one act plays in preparation for writing one of my own. Had a really hard time catching on to the new Algebra I missed yesterday.

In the grand scheme of things, I'd have to say that at present it is "worse" which it must be before it gets better but I think now is the lull before the storm which precedes the "better" part. Weird.

NOTES: "Weird" was my own personal "cussword." At some point in the early seventies I began utilizing it to mean whatever I needed to to mean, much in the vein of what has long since happened to the dreaded "F-word." In surprise, I would shout, "Weird!" If I banged my thumb on something, I'd most likely say, "That's weird!" If something was cool, I'd nod approvingly and say, "Weird!" What can I say? I was weird.


  1. I also use the phrase "That's weird."

  2. Catch me up... who was Marie..?

  3. From March 15th:Marie McClosky (not her real name) was, I suppose, the first of many women I would meet whose general sanity I would truly begin to question over time. Over the next year we would talk a lot at school. We were never a couple, never dated, never saw each other away from school...but later on my parents would come quite close to reporting her to the police for harassment. At this point, however, she was fun to talk with and I enjoyed that day in the lobby.