Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday, May 30th, 1976

Memorial Day. We all got up early today and went out to the cemetery as usual. I took along some stuff to read but I couldn't concentrate on it.

This afternoon Mom and Dad went to a doubleheader Reds baseball game where they ended up staying until way late. Meanwhile, Terry and I were driven by his mom to Showcase. We ended up walking all the way back down the hill and up to the highway to take the bus back. While we were there, though we saw a ...pretty good I guess...flick. Bill Cosby was his usual great self at least. And Raquel Welch, so... Also saw previews for a new movie called THE OMEN and one called EMBRYO that both looked pretty good. In the lobby they had a poster for LOGAN'S RUN. That's one I can't wait to see!

On TV tonight there was an episode of Good' Ol Six Million written by D.C. Fontana.

NOTES: Dorothy "D.C." Fontana was an author and scriptwriter generally associated even today with STAR TREK, having written episodes of the original series, the early seventies cartoon and other Gene Roddenberry projects. I was apparently surprised to see that she could actually write anything ELSE! ;)

Even when I liked baseball--that brief period in the early seventies--I hated doubleheaders! Do they still have those? With two games for the price of one, you got your money's worth but...I went to one where the first game was fine--about two and a half hours for nine innings. Then they cleared the field and gave everyone a long "break" between games, Then the second game started. By the end of the ninth inning, the score was tied. The game went into extra innings. Tenth, eleventh, twelfth...tie score! Ultimately, 14 innings if I recall correctly! Was after midnight time we got home after about 23 total innings and around 7 hours of baseball! Yikes! Needless to say, I begged off on this date.

Growing up, we always would go to the cemetery early to put wreaths on my dad's parents' graves but also avoid the holiday parade traffic. The cemetery was gorgeous, on a rolling hill with ornate headstones going back to the late 1700's. Last year, I took my muse, model Brittany Rose, out there for a photo-shoot. Other than adding additional space from what was once farmland, the place looks just the same.

Other than that visit, I hadn't been in a decade or so. We don't go to the other cemetery where my own parents are now buried either. My father hated that cemetery where no headstones are allowed, just little inlaid plaques. I look at it as just a ceremonial excuse to remember my parents...and I remember them every day anyway. I don't need the reminder that their remains were left in a place he didn't like because a door-to-door salesman talked them into buying plots long before the place even opened.

Don't even get me started on MOTHER, JUGS AND SPEED. In spite of my obvious attempts to find something good about it above, I found parts of it reprehensible even then. An attempt at giving it another chance on cable a few years back didn't change my opinion. Cosby come off best, Raquel is just exploited (even in the title) and it was the first and worst thing I've ever seen Keitel in!

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