Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday, May 8th, 1976

Another bad day started with IT again. Tensions ran high all day, in fact, and will probably be worse to tomorrow but I hope not.

When I went over the river later on, all I got was a Mother's day card. Meanwhile, Mom was out shopping and finally saw the Donny and Marie album so she bought it for me.

Saw the Laurel and Hardy pie fight sequence again...always fun. Then I watched the BRENDA STARR movie.

NOTES: The BRENDA STARR movie was a pilot based on Dale Messick's classic comic strip about a red-haired reporter always getting in and out of trouble. It was done tongue in cheek and was almost a continuation of the "camp" shows of the sixties. The best part of the film was that the titular heroine (pun intended I suppose) was played by my favorite "Bond Girl," Jill St. John. It still wasn't very good, however. Ms. St. John went on to marry actor Robert Wagner after a number of high profile beaus that included Dr. Henry Kissinger. Brenda Starr was given another pilot in the nineties, this time starring a miscast Brooke Shields. It was even worse. The newspaper strip itself ceased to exist as of the beginning of 2011.

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