Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 19th, 1976

I'm two days behind in my school journal.

Constance was absent. I hope she's back tomorrow.

Out of 100 multiple choice questions on the Physics exam I studied for all day and got 45 out of the first 75 in about as many minutes. Tomorrow I have to do the other 25 and then go back plus get 16 problems, too.

Terry tells me he took the G.E.D.

I'm thinking about future employment.

Some good movies coming up--at least one this weekend.

Absolutely have to send to Omnicon this week!

HUSTLER may be off my list. At least I hope so. If the news today is any indication, turns out Larry Flynt is a big crook!
NOTES: Omnicon was obviously important to me and yet I'd put off final arrangements for months. Unfortunately this is an early example of my tendency toward procrastination. I've ended up missing a lot of things over the years just by postponing them.

This was apparently around the time when Larry Flynt started having troubles with the law. At the time, I had always been taught that the law was the good guys. Eventually, Flynt's situation would demonstrate to myself and many others that appearances can be deceiving. In this case it turned out that the ill-educated country boy with the dirty pictures really was the one supporting freedoms that the establishment was attempting to suppress...especially here in the "Censor-natti" area. Along with Nixon and the counter-cultural movement of a few years earlier, this established in me a healthy respect for questioning authority. Flynt's story would later be dramatized in the film, THE PEOPLE VS LARRY FLYNT.

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