Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 29th, 1976

Mr. S checked on my HORIZONS interest for next week's meeting and Mr. T really enjoyed one of my sentences in Comp.

A few new books out in Cincy already.

A new TBG gave me the chance to make out a new Undies Want List. 18 of 'em.

Saw part of THE MUPPET SHOW but the highlight of the evening was we got a much better view of Farrah's tits.

NOTES: Mr S was the previous year's English teacher, Mr. Spurlock. He was wondering here as to whether I had decided I wanted to be involved with the school literary and arts magazine. Mr. T here is Mr. Tucker, my then-current English teacher as opposed to the "I pity the fool" gentleman who would become big a few years later.

"Undies" here was my nickname for the adult, underground comics.

Muppets or Farrah's chest? We see what I prioritized at age 17. At my age now, I'd definitely prioritize Kermie and crew.

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