Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, Sept 28th, 1976

I took WEIRD HEROES to school with me. Didn't help.

Several movies opening I want to see this week.

Rumor has us getting off early at the end of next week and at 2:30 for PTA from then on. We'll see how reliable that is.

Watched the Bronsons on TV again and ONE DAY AT A TIME made a triumphant comeback.

NOTES: Not sure what exactly it was that WEIRD HEROES didn't help. Didn't help pass the time in free periods? Didn't help me muddle through it? I seem to recall which volume of that multi-volume series it was (# 2) and that I never have finished getting through a couple of the stories so that could be it.

Charles Bronson had stolen Jill Ireland from his own former BFF, David (NCIS) McCallum. Unlike many similar showbiz situations, however, theirs seems to have been a genuine romance that lasted to her death. The two were paired together (probably at Charlie's insistence) in a number of films while the actor was still top box-office.

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