Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, Sept. 15th, 1976

Slow day at school and at home both. Nothing special.

In Spanish, I finally got a good desk!

Over the river after school, I picked up dinner and bought 17 new books plus the TV GUIDE Fall preview issue!

Mom was off all day today.

I just saw the only episode of THE BIONIC WOMAN that I had missed before!

NOTES: The TV GUIDE Fall preview issues were sacred to me. For many years, I collected TV GUIDES in general just in case I ever needed to research them for anything...not that I would have had a clue where to look, mind you. Ultimately, a weekly mag, no matter how small, took up way too much room so I got rid of all the issues except the Fall Preview ones. I still have the Fall Preview issues from, I believe, 1972 through the early 2000's. That pic is from eBay, though, as I didn't feel like digging through my stacks!

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