Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, Sept 8th, 1976

No paper again but I went and bought one and then found that I should see two movies I missed during the summer this weekend. One uptown and one over at Newport.

School was up and down today with both my first A+ of the year and my first really tough Spanish class.

Began my new Composition Journal today with an intimate bio of...well, ME! Looking back, it wasn't complete.

Caught the early bus home and got here in time to catch the end of HOWDY DOODY.

NOTES: On the cover of my Composition Journal--seen here--is Red Sonja, the Marvel comics version of the Robert E Howard female barbarian character. Since most of you reading this probably already have a pretty good idea where I was at at age 17, I'll skip reprinting that introductory piece but I note that I paid a lot more attention to legibility on the school journal than on the home journal!

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