Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, Sept 21st, 1976

Slept bad and had to suffer through the whole day with a cold and a sore throat. The day's saving grace was the announcement that we'll be getting out early (at 11:45) on Friday.

Late start at SS tonight so I had to kinda fudge my way through quickly to see Pinky on HAPPY DAYS and then all the new shows.

NOTES: Odd how 1976 parallels 2011...or rather the other way around. As I write this, I have a cold and a sore throat. My son came home from school today talking about how they switched his Spanish room on him without telling anyone...just like it happened to me in '76!

"Pinky" was Pinky Tuscadero, a new character on ABC's big hit HAPPY DAYS designed to be a female "Fonzie" type. Played by Roz Kelly, in spite of the hype she was an unattractive character played by an unattractive actress (Sorry, Roz) and was soon replaced by Pinky's cuter sister, the early punk Rocker Suzi Quatro as "Leather Tuscadero."

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  1. Pinky! Watch out for the Malachi Crunch!

    I read she made fun of Henry Winkler so much, the decision was made to ditch her.