Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday, Sept. 10th, 1976

Got our first copy of THE OBSERVER in Government and our first test in Economics.

Had a free period in Spanish. Constance actually spoke to me today...and vice-versa! Saw Marie for the first time this year, too.

Took my notebook to school and was able to write 3 comics history chapters!

I was very down by the time I got home on that ridiculously crowded bus. Didn't help when I found we didn't get any mail.

Terry called and talked for over an hour but about nothing very important at all.

Dad got in late tonight and we got over to SS late, too, but worked fast.

Watched part of an ABC sneak peek of new Saturday morning shows.

NOTES: Just to put things in perspective, while all this Senior Year stuff was getting started for me, disco was king. The number one song on this date in '76 was "Shake, Shake, Shake (Shake Your Booty)" by KC and the Sunshine Band. To me this is the ultimate disco nightmare song. It was, I recall, the very first time, at age 17, that I had heard the term "booty" in this context.

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  1. Being 9 in 1976, I assumed shaking your booty meant to shake your foot (that perhaps was wearing a boot).