Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday, Sept 20th, 1976

I was kind of depressed for quite a lot of reasons today but didn't even realize it for a while.

We had a rather sexy sub in Government today and found out all about her--even that she smokes pot!

Saw Dick Van Dyke on one of the morning shows at school and then earlier tonight on his premiere along with all the other new shows.

Reese kept messing with me today and I kept trying to turn the other cheek and ignore him. Why can't these ignorant fools just leave people alone?

I didn't do well on a Spanish test due to the depression.

Read the new issue of LITERARY CAVALCADE in Study Hall.

Luck enabled me to see Linda Blair's scene in AIRPORT '75 without even having to see the rest of the film. She seems so familiar--like an old, old friend. Sigh...I wish.

NOTES: Can't recall where I saw the AIRPORT 1975 scene at this point as this was a year or more after I saw the film itself in the theater. Maybe it was on TV and I tuned in at just the right moment. Linda plays a little girl on the plane who's going for a kidney transplant. Helen Reddy as a nun sings to her. The scene is best remembered today for its parody version in AIRPLANE.

LITERARY CAVALCADE was a slightly more sophisticated version of the school mags like SCHOLASTIC SCOPE.

My sources say that Dick Van Dyke's variety series, VAN DYKE AND COMPANY, actually debuted 2 weeks earlier with a rerun of the 1975 special that served as a pilot so...don't know. The series is remembered today as the first major showcase for Andy Kaufman.

Poor Reese. In the long run his bullying was so ineffectual that I not only don't even recall him in the slightest. I don't feel like looking him up in the yearbook to jog my memory either. I am more than cool with letting him stay back there where he belongs.

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  1. re: Reese
    So you're not doing a Steve Buscemi from Billy Madison. Good news.

    I still vividly recall the bullies in my life, but the important thing is they don't matter to me. If I met any of the today, I think my main feeling would be one of indifference.