Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday, Sept 17th, 1976

96 on the Government test. Neat! Did fairly well on 2nd Economics test, also. Funny day in Comp. Amy began a farewell collection for Mr. Shoe in Spanish. Mr. Spurlock was up as rotating study hall monitor.

The dumb correct change Coke machine at SS gave me my drink for just a quarter anyway.

Jerry Stein in the Post made ALICE seem a little less appetizing but I'm still thinking I'd like it.

Decided against putting in that order.

Saw Donny and Marie guest on Andy Williams' premiere tonight.

NOTES: The Osmonds had a long history with singer Andy Williams but my sources don't show Andy as even having a series at this time, network or syndicated! So not sure what I saw them on. Maybe it was on DONNY AND MARIE and I just wrote it wrong. They WERE on Friday so that would make sense.

The Coke machine at the Social Security office where I cleaned up was interesting because it was actually a Pepsi machine...only it also had Cokes in it. Somewhere I have a picture I took of it.

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