Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday, Sept 5th, 1976

The fact that IT occurred again with little feeling today leads me to suspect that perhaps the seeming maturity of my current surroundings has brought a sense of security and driven away much of the need. Hopefully the school atmosphere will remain as is.

The morning paper had a lovely ad for the Trek thing and said the price was $5.50. Later Terry agreed to meet me on Tuesday for a return trip to Ticketron to try again for seat choices.

I began my Shang-Chi Index. Also picked out a few unwanted comics when I sorted through my DC collection later.

The Groucho book turns out to be rather boring and mostly pointless.

Jerry's telethon began tonight as usual and even though I'm not as obsessed with it as I used to be I still watched some. There's always some good stuff still every year and I'd hate to miss it. In fact there was about ten minutes of an absolutely stunning Joey Heatherton!

NOTES: Reading this now, I am unceasingly amazed at how much guilt I hit myself with over masturbation. And how much I rationalized ways at ending it...that never worked.

That ad would be the one that I ran the other day for the STAR TREK show.

Shang-Chi was the lead character in Marvel Comics' series, MASTER OF KUNG-FU. Originally designed to both cash in on the martial arts movie craze of the early to mid-seventies as well as utilize the rights the company had picked up to the infamous "Fu Manchu" character, writer Doug Moench and artist Paul Gulacy had somehow made it into what I said both then and now was the best comic book of its day.

I thought the Groucho book I bought was THE MARX BROTHERS SCRAPBOOK but, in my mind at least, I remember LIKING that book a lot. I bought a lot of Groucho's books in those days, almost all of which were reissued in the seventies. So...not sure which one this would have been.

Jerry Lewis in 2011 is in the news this weekend because he is NOT involved with this year's telethon but for most of my life it was just the opposite. If one didn't think about Jerry more than once in any given year, that once would be on Labor Day weekend. And yes, I was always afraid I'd miss something. A couple of year's earlier, John and Yoko were on and I missed them. 1976 contained possibly the biggest surprise that was ever on the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon...and I would miss it overnight. Luckily they reran it endlessly the next day. More on it tomorrow.

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