Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday, Sept 16th, 1976

Basically a bad school day with my first Government test. Very funny Spanish class but we've moved to a whole new room. Of course, after I finally got a got desk just yesterday! We got out early and I tried but failed to get home by 3:30. At least I finally rode a B digit bus.

Planned to get my money order but they were actually out down at Kenny's. Guess I'll have to postpone ordering anything for now.

Dad was out late pitching horseshoes again tonight.

When I went over to the SS tonight, I unexpectedly found something cool--my first ever actual photo of fellatio! Was laying in the parking lot! Looked like it was from a sex manual of some sort and had been torn out. The text was in another language. Amazing stuff! I filed it away for later.

While at SS, I also found a review of that ALICE movie from a Louisville newspaper. Looks surprisingly good considering it's an exploitation film.

Been having very vivid dreams lately. Last night I dreamed about Sandy Hirsch from junior high being my secretary and me working at SS.

NOTES: Sandy Hirsch was a cool looking girl with very much a "Marcia Brady" look a few years earlier in seventh and eighth grades. I didn't really know her and didn't even really pay much attention to her which made it all the more unusual I would suddenly dream abut her.

I would get all my money orders at Kenny's, the corner grocery store. When we moved in in 1966, my dad used to send me down to the store which was then run by Kenny's parents. He would have me pick up cigarettes regularly. No one cared back then. Kenny kind of took over the store over the next decade but his aging parents still worked there until the early nineties when, I believe, they both passed away. The last time I was in the neighborhood, the store--long since converted partly into a deli--was still there, although I believe Kenny had offered it for sale at one point so he may be retired now.

I have no idea now what a "B digit bus" was.

Ah, that picture. That was, at the time, quite an odd but cool find. Literally just lying on the ground by the back door to the office when I went over that night. It was a smallish black and white picture and, in retrospect--just between you and me--the guy in the picture really didn't seem all that interested. But still...Yes, I had been purchasing HUSTLER but neither they nor any other newsstand mags offered hardcore pics in those days. There was no Internet, no cable, no video tapes, no hardcore mags and the X-rated theaters were few and far between in this area. I was seventeen and I had NEVER seen what you average 12 year old could probably find in under a minute today. Things change.

And no, I do NOT still have that picture. At least I don't THINK I do. ;)

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  1. Oh, those pre-internet (yeesh, pre-ANYTHING) days, how did anything even remotely "dirty" ever get done?!?

    My first nudie pictures were some Playboy pages I found in a field.

    So glad someone left them there...a nice wholesome introduction to the sexy female body. No guilt. No embarrassment. No cost. No problem.