Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday, Sept 11th, 1976

Busy day. Up at 7 and watched some of the new (and old) kids shows. Saw Porky Pig, Mumbly, The Monkees, Electra Woman and Dyna-Girl(with Judy Strangis), Muggsy and my favorite of the bunch, BIG JOHN/LITTLE JOHN with Joyce Bulifant.

In between, I went over the river just briefly, purchasing nly my first book report of the year, THE ADVENTURE OF THE PEERLESS PEER by Phil Farmer. I passed it up constantly in hardcover but now it's in paperback.

Later in the afternoon I ordered the FLASHBACK of WORLD'S FINEST # 8. I also had every intention of seeing LOGAN'S RUN but the ol' stomach issues made me miss that bus so I ended up finally getting to see THE SHOOTIST instead at the Madison. Cheryl R. that I went to kindergarten with was working there selling the tickets. She's so pretty. I felt bad afterward due to the heat...even that it had been cold in the theater. I'll have to worry about catching LOGAN tomorrow.

A two hour Chaplin montage led into the evening. Ann-Margret was on the Perry Como Special and then watched Miss America with Mom just now.

NOTES: Judy Strangis had been a cute girl student on ROOM 222 a few seasons earlier. BIG JOHN, LITTLE JOHN was an attempt at a kid-friendly live-action sitcom about a grown man who changes from time to time into his pre-teen self. Joyce Bulifant I knew from game shows but the real stars were the great character actor Herb Edelman and the infamous (as THE BRADY BUNCH's Cousin Oliver) Robbie Rist. Rist as actually a popular child star of the day and a familiar face to anyone who watched television. In recent years, the somewhat more outrageous Rist has been a frequent voiceover artist for video games.

THE ADVENTURE OF THE PEERLESS PEER was sci-fi author Phillip Jose Farmer's version of a Sherlock Holmes tale.

FLASHBACK was a series published by Alan Light, the publisher of TBG, the comics newspaper I loved so much. Each issue was a black and white facsimile reprint of a rare Golden Age Comic book. I still have a few but this was when I ordered my first one.

Finally, I would have absolutely sworn that I saw THE SHOOTIST at a different theater. Interesting.

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  1. My first thought at seeing the image at the top was, "Holy crud! There's a Big John/Little John dvd?!" My next thought was, "I'm going to buy that right now!" Then I see the latest information dates from 2010 stating that its release has been postponed... *sigh*