Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday, Sept. 19th, 1976

I cleaned my room all morning while watching a dumb "classic" musical.

Read PEANUTS JUBILEE and was surprised to find that, while PEANUTS is still my favorite strip, Schulz and I really don't agree on much otherwise.

Mom called Mrs. Pritchett and confirmed that the victim in a recent attempted murder-suicide was a girl I don't remember who used to live here in our building.

Several good shows on tonight including the premiere of COS and the return of good ol' six million (with Lady Bionic!).

Mom fixed some of her special (illegible) marshmallows.

I discovered some historical interest items such as notes from my first grade teacher that I didn't remember.

ALICE looks to be going off this week already. Oh, well.

NOTES: I took a magnifying glass to the illegible word and even showed my wife. No clue. I remember my mother making some kind of dessert dish from time to time with melted marshmallows a big dish but...not a clue. Sorry.

COS was Bill Cosby's third TV series after I SPY and THE BILL COSBY SHOW. The first was a lighthearted spy drama, the second a "relevant" sitcom. This was a hip but old-style variety series, perhaps best remembered for making Lola Falana a household name at the time and later featuring Groucho in one of his final TV appearances.

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  1. >Schulz and I really don't agree on much

    Curious what you didn't agree with. I read the Schulz biography from a few years back. A fascinating read. Schulz was a tortured man and I'll never read a Peanuts strip the same way again.