Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, Sept 3rd, 1976

Things have begun to settle down at school and by next week should probably be back to more or less normal. Paid the five bucks to get THE OBSERVER and almost got my Economics textbook. I was literally next in line when they closed up the bookstore for the day. Best part of the day was when Amy (as in "...Once in Love With..." passed lemon drops down the entire front row.

I caught the # 6 back home (less crowded). When I go home I read a lot more of the new comics I picked up yesterday but still not all.

The Coliseum when I called gave me a special recording that didn't even mention the STAR TREK show but did say that the ticket office was open on weekends.

Tonight I watched a really good TV movie called DEATH AT LOVE HOUSE, after which I squashed what had to be one of the biggest spiders I have ever seen crawling across the floor. Surprisingly, it didn't freak me out.

NOTES: THE NATIONAL OBSERVER was a weekly newspaper for which we were required to get a subscription for Economics class. It was, as I recall, almost a NEW YORK TIMES LITE.

In spite of my allusion to the Ray Bolger song ONCE IN LOVE WITH AMY, I didn't really have a crush on this Amy. Just that that name always makes me think of that song or Pure Prairie League's AMIE.

I really don't recall much about DEATH AT LOVE HOUSE other than the fact it starred Kate Jackson and Robert Wagner along with great old-timers like Dorothy Lamour, Joan Blondell and John Carradine. Looks like the whole film is online to watch at the Internet Archive should you be interested.

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