Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday, Sept 6th, 1976

Spent the morning helping to clean the SS windows when I wasn't watching the telethon. Little interesting happened and certainly nothing that could top what happened overnight which I finally got to see clips of up in the afternoon. A reunion of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis for the first time in 20 years!! What a scene! Wasn't easy but I talked Mom into pledging 50 dollars.

I fixed up my duo of notebooks to take in to school tomorrow. Washed and bathed. I'm ready for Senior Year!

I worked on even more ideas for redesigning my room.

Terry's supposed to meet me in Cincy after school tomorrow and we'll get STAR TREK tickets finally. He says if Tony gets money he'll go, too. I hope Tony doesn't get money.

NOTES: I hadn't even realized that Dean and Jerry had been a team until a couple of years earlier since they had broken up before my time. I knew Dean well from his TV shows and favorite movies like AIRPORT and I often described Jerry as my favorite actor as a child. The pair had a really odd love/hate relationship which one can psychoanalyze through Jerry's relatively recent book about their team subtitled --"A Love Story." The more I learned about them, the more significance this clip takes on.

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  1. BTW--I know that says "1977" on that clip but that's obviously wrong or else I was psychic and wrote about it a year earlier in my Journal.