Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday, Sept 13th, 1976

Fair day at school. Found out I got the only 100 on Friday's Economics test. Received a second best 88 on the Comp pre-test.

I read the required two chapters and wrote three and a half pages in my new Journal. One was about Omnicon and one on my five favorite authors.

Got home and saw the first episode of THE LORENZO & HENRIETTA MUSIC SHOW on Ch. 2 from Dayton.

Didn't get to go to SS 'til late and then rushed through so I could see the ABC Fall Preview Special which, in spite of some good moments, turned out to be not as spectacular as I had expected. Best was COS and CHARLIE'S ANGELS. All I can say is WOW on that one!

NOTES: I'm confused as to how this was the first episode of THE LORENZO & HENRIETTA MUSIC SHOW as I referenced watching an episode just over a month ago here in my journal. A rerun already? And why on Channel two. Dayton, about an hour North of here, had 4 channels--Channel 2, channel 7, channel 16 and channel 22. The first two we could get with a lot of "snow" if the atmospheric conditions were right. On rare occasions I could get 16, the NET/PBS channel. Only once was I able to get 22 and that was to watch the first GODZILLA...which as near as I could tell was set at the North Pole there was so much snow!

CHARLIE'S ANGELS would soon enough become the favorite TV show of every 17 year old male in the country.

In case you're curious, the five favorite authors I wrote about in my English Journal were:

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr

Steve Gerber

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Phillip Jose Farmer

Ray Bradbury

I still like them all but I think only Ray and maybe Kurt would still be on a favorites list made today.

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