Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday, September 4th, 1976

Missed THE MONKEES but caught BATMAN.

I met Terry on the bus to see FUTUREWORLD. Tony had been a maybe but he didn't show.

Got a few new books, too, and learned that the new lottery game starts this next week.

At Shillitos, we found the Ticketron outlet rather than going all the way to the Coliseum but it didn't do us any good. I did pick up a book by Groucho that they had on sale.

Mom was out shopping, also, and bought me notebooks, folders, a dictionary and a thesaurus.

Terry mentioned he'd seen some X-rated movies that were more than a little sickening. I can't see why but I may soon find out. Not at the Royal though as he says the films there are only about a half hour long and cost five dollars!!

FUTUREWORLD was really terrific, by the way, but a totally different feel from WESTWORLD. Barely seemed like they were related at all because of that.

NOTES: Not sure what the deal was with the Ticketron that day. Ultimately we did get tickets somewhere because we went. We'll see...

My mother would die a short five years later. Like most teenagers, I never thanked her enough. So, Mom, if I didn't thank you enough--and I most definitely did not--thank you now for doing all you did for me!

Not sure what it is with FUTUREWORLD but I barely remember it...and I watched it again just a few years ago on cable. It really is good but WESTWORLD, although little more than candy, had so many great scenes and memorable moments and its sequel, although well-made, does not.

I would find out eventually that the reason the Royal Theater stayed open in downtown Censornati was that, in spite of its Adults Only status, they would literally snip out all the explicit sex scenes in a film. Thus leaving the pictures about a half hour long. How they stayed in business into the early eighties I'll never know.

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