Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday, Sept 18th, 1976

BIG DAY! After a good sleep, I awoke, watched a little TV and went over the river. Bought a couple mags and then went back to Book Market after deciding against getting Cheech again. There I saw but couldn't afford next year's Marvel calendar. I also spotted the thirty dollar PEANUTS JUBILEE in paper for only $7.95 so I did get that. Wow! What a deal. Also picked up a HUSTLER imitation. Not bad and a little cheaper!

Last week's plans for this afternoon went off well in spite of a faulty newspaper ad. I finally saw LOGAN'S RUN! Tonight, both STAR TREK and SPACE 1999 returned on TV and I saw a promo for THE Friday. Speaking of Trek, I saw their '77 calendar today, too.

THE ROCK AWARDS were on tonight. Paul won (naturally) Best Vocalist and Linda Blair accepted Best New Group on behalf of Hall and Oates. Man, she's gotten fat!

Lily hosted Saturday Night.

NOTES: Sorry, Linda. Yes, I suppose I was that shallow at the time. But I still love you.

THE ROCK MUSIC AWARDS were sort of a "People's Choice" version of the Grammys. This was only their second year and the show was hosted by the odd combination of Alice Cooper and Diana Ross. Not sure how long they lasted.

"Lily" was Lily Tomlin.

"Cheech" would have been Vaughn Bode's CHEECH WIZARD comic which I must have eventually gotten as I have it upstairs right now.

The Book Market was a downtown independent bookstore that was to become the first B. Dalton Bookseller in Cincinnati within a few years.

I had been a big PEANUTS fan all my life and had long collected the cheap paperback reprints. More recently I had even begun picking up the trades on better paper. This was, at the time, the biggest PEANUTS book yet!

Can't believe I didn't say more about LOGAN'S RUN. I quite enjoyed it and while it's reputation hasn't aged well, I still have a soft spot for the show and its subsequent TV spin-off.


  1. LOVE the Logan's Run movie, and tho I haven't seen the TV series since its original run (1977?), I still fondly recall "Rem". My mom and I thought he was very funny. I don't remember a durned thing else about the series...? Now I've got to search YouTube, I guess.

  2. While I collected comics, I also collected the comic strip paperback books. My favorite was Peanuts, but I also collected the much-maligned Family Circus, and the occasional Beetle Bailey, Marmaduke, Heathcliff and Tumbleweeds. I also collected the Marvel Comic reprints in paperback when they came on the market in the late '70's. It was my first exposure to Steve Ditko's Spider-man. I purchased nearly all of them at Venture, a discount department store similar to K-Mart.

  3. I also collected the Peanuts Comic Strip paperbacks !! I collected Family Circus , Beetle Bailey , Tumbleweeds , Dennis The Menace , Hagar The Horrible , and many more !! I also collected the Super Hero Comic Book reprint paperbacks that DC Comics put out back in the day !! I purchased some of those at K-Mart , and other stores , but the vast majority were purchased at my local Wal - Mart !! ( This was long before the whole " Super Center Days !! " ) In fact , the paperback section was close to the gardening aisle . To this day , the smell of fertilizer reminds me of those great books !!

  4. By the way , this day was my Father's 43rd Birthday !! He passed in 2015 .