Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wednesday, Sept 1st, 1976

NOTE: (2011) For the first time, I'm censoring myself here. Let's just say I had a particularly interesting dream about a generic female and...err...described it at some length and with rather "colorful" language. AHEM! Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. You get the idea. Moving on:

Things went much smoother at school today. No problem at all getting into Spanish but the teacher forgot to give me a textbook. Helped carry up loads of books for Government Class.

Got my locker even though it is pretty far from any way out of the place. I saw Mark and met his totally opposite little brother. Barely saw Constance today and then just in passing. Saw Marie McClosky from the bus. Looks like that freak dropped the Comp class we were both in! Yay!

Turns out I gotta buy one book. We're required to keep a journal. Hahahaha.

Got rain all afternoon. I spent the day with thoughts of my dream in my head. Never had one quite that real before. If sex is really like that, maybe it isn't such a bad thing after all.

Reds were on tonight. Annette was on with Frankie's new show again, too and I actually forgot to watch PARTRIDGE FAMILY.

NOTES: Marie, in case you've forgotten, is the one whose actual sanity I questioned. As Senior Year went on, we'd become quite close platonically before that really started to show itself.

Yes, I was about to start a second journal. The pieces there are longer and more geared toward others (the teacher) reading them but I will, from time to time, share some of those here also as that particular journal is setting right next to me as I type this. Some are anecdotal, some poetry, some fiction, some book reports and some are surprisingly blog-like features!

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