Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, Sept 27th, 1976

Luck with buses today. Leaving early but missing the Rosedale, turned out the Latonia was early so I caught that!

Dad got sent to the doctor today but picked up coneys on his way home!


Big day for TV. Dick Van Dyke and MTM were on DINAH and the Bronsons were on MIKE DOUGLAS. Eve Plumb from THE BRADY BUNCH pulled a "Linda Blair" as DAWN tonight. a teenage whore. I alternated watching it with ALL'S FAIR. Very depressing and I decided I didn't need that so I skipped the ending.

NOTES: The Rosedale and Latonia buses were essentially the exact same route except for a variation toward the end of that route. Thus, as far as the distance between school and home, I could take either.

Not sure why my dad was "sent" to the doctor that day. Rarely sick a day in his life, somewhere in this period here he found out that he was diabetic. Hardly a crushing blow, he simply and relatively easily adjusted his diet, gave up Pepsi and chocolate drops, started taking daily pills and moved on. I was impressed. I'm supposed to be checked every few years but it's been a while.

Always fun to see Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke reunited. The Bronsons were actor Charles Bronson and his wife Jill Ireland. After years of character roles, Charlie suddenly found himself one of the world's top box office attractions for a brief period and he and his wife became a modern Liz and Dick almost. No big scandals, though. They adored each other and when fickle fame moved on, they simply adjusted their jet-set lifestyle downward as needed. Sadly she died of cancer in the eighties but not before becoming quite the advocate for research.
DAWN: PORTRAIT OF A TEENAGE RUNAWAY. was exactly the type of thing Linda Blair had been doing and I'd be surprised if she hadn't had first refusal on it. It served well to help Eve Plumb from being hopelessly typecast as Jan Brady--at least at the time.

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