Friday, February 25, 2011

Wednesday, February 25th, 1976

More or less a boring day. Besides the book report, the only thing that happened at school was the Junior Revue. It had its good and bad points but on the whole it was really surprisingly good. I'm sure the second show was probably even better because they would have fixed the bugs.

Over the river, I finally got CINEFANTASTIQUE (and not much else) with the most magnificent cover I've ever seen.

In March, I'm thinking of taking inventory on everything I buy. If it turns out well I may do it every month just for the sake of regulating my spending.

Some stupid jerk was screwing around out back in the parking lot and the alley tonight trying to run down those stupid kids next door. Not that they don't need something but that guy should be arrested!

NOTES: I'm not certain now but it seems like that was actually a rehearsal for the Junior Revue that they took us all to that day. I believe the real thing was done later that evening so parents could attend. I remember that one guy I knew did a great version of a Jim Croce song and went on to be a professional singer. Another guy with an already outdated afro did a mean Hendrix impression on guitar, too!

CINEFANTASTIQUE was a slick, glossy magazine of fantasy film criticism. It was a quarterly magazine. I'm presuming that the issue seen here is the one whose cover I loved so much as I had missed the one just prior and the one after featured Gregory Peck from THE OMEN. If this is it, however, I look at it now and I'm not as impressed. Oh, it's a good cover, highlighting the yet to be released LOGAN'S RUN...but it ain't THAT special.


  1. I was into Logan's Run. I still watch the movie from time to time.

    When I turned 30, 15 years ago now, a friend of mine hung a Logan's Run poster on my front door.

  2. LR poster on your door - that's TOO FUNNY!

    I loved the Marvel comics series with art by Perez and Janson.

    And while this Cinefantastique cover might not be "magnificent", it sure is excellent! Very striking...I'd love to have a poster of it.

    I'd hang it on my own door. 17 years ago. That would be too funny.