Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friday, February 20th, 1976

Dad won another twenty dollars on the Lottery!

At school I did fair on the exam (84). I don't know if I got Reds tickets or not this year but to avoid the problem of whether or not to go, I'm just not going to check.

I tired of my unshaven appearance and decided to shave today. Maybe next time I'll actually go for trying to grow a mustache.

Going to order about eight bucks worth of stuff this weekend including HOT STUF' 1 and THE TABLOID SPIRIT.
Mom told me Elvis is coming to town. I'd sure love to see him.

Saw Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd on DONNY & MARIE. Always fun to see! Also saw Desi Arnaz SENIOR for the first time in ages on a commercial for this weekend's SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE show. I can't see it if I stay up to catch the Marx Brothers film though and I can't miss that!

NOTES: At this point, I was needing to shave only once every other week or so. My fourteen year old son is in that phase already--several years earlier than I was.

Interesting that I was so hyped about Elvis as I would later be offered tickets and turn them my recollection because I didn't care for Elvis at that stage.

On the other hand, it's obvious that I had a sense of pop culture history already as a highlight of my day was seeing a ventriloquist who had been around for four decades already! Then there's the apparently easy to answer conundrum as to whether to watch TV pioneer Desi Arnaz in a rarer than rare live appearance or catch a probably lesser Marx Brothers film.

Cincinnati Reds tickets were regularly given out to straight A students but my interest in baseball had peaked about 5 years earlier so I had been just tossing the passes aside and feeling guilty. About a decade later, I would win opening day blue seats at Riverfront Stadium in a contest at work. I was able to take my dad. First time he had ever been to an Opening Day game and we were right next to the dugout!

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