Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thursday, February 5th, 1976

Terry says the new books are out. Innumerable shakeups and firings in the comics industry. No details but sounds like there's gonna be some big changes soon.

UGH! I got involved again today! Had to stay after school 'til almost 4 to finish an experiment in Physics. That was bad but it led to the silence of a long walk home in the cooling rain. Later it rained harder.

Very little on TV tonight. Think I'll go to bed early.

IT, too today. (Et tu, Brute?)

NOTES: I was doing everything I could think of to help in Physics but nothing seemed to work. I don't recall what this experiment was exactly but it had something to do with heating some kind of solution.

In those pre-Internet days, the comics gossip was often slow in coming. The news I had here was probably from Terry via the Yellow Kid Comics Shoppe and would be fleshed out later on.

In the picture above, note my 8 track player. I hated 8 tracks and only ever had four--Chicago's greatest hits, Mike Nesmith and the First National Band, The Beatles Yesterday and Today and Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart.


  1. Unlike records or cassettes there was nothing to turn over but 8 Tracks still had to switch between tracks. An 8 track cartridge tended to switch from one track to another right in the middle of a song....thus leaving you with a few seconds of silence (or rather loud clicking as it switched). This occurred several times per album and was very annoying. By the time I got mine, they were already being phased out and would be largely gone by the end of the seventies.

  2. I had them up until the late 1980s. I had a nifty 8-track suitcase player also. They disappeared while I was away in the service or I would probably still have them. I have cassettes going back to about 1975, and records older than that, of course.