Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuesday, February 17th, 1976

The day ended with absolutely torrential rains!

At school I got the highest grade on last week's Mystery test and a 59 on an Algebra quiz! The makeup pix are in but I haven't picked mine up, yet.

I got TBG in the mail and Terry said he got the first issue of his new sub to it, too. There's quite a bit of stuff I plan to order this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, there's a Marx Bros movie on Sunday in the AM, too. I wish they wouldn't have all the good stuff on then 'cause Dad hates it when I stay up late with the TV on.

Looks like Omnicon may be on Mom's vacation week after all and we can go!
NOTES: The Marx Brothers was another case of me being late to the party. Groucho and his game show duck were and are one of my earliest memories but I never knew he had brothers until the publication of the book, WHY A DUCK? in 1972. After that I became rabid fans and caught as many of their films as I could on TV and in revival houses.

The pictures! So that's what I was so worried about! Now I get it. My Junior class picture had come back as a proof and my eyes had been closed!! My Mom was so upset about it. They had done retakes later and, as stated above, they were now back but I kind of dreaded seeing them I think. Seen above is the reason for the retakes.

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