Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 16th, 1976

President's Day. No school. I was awful sleepy this morning but still had to get up early to help Dad with the trash from next door. Only Mom worked.

I dreamed I walked past Debbie's house and saw her again. Obviously brought on by watching SUPERDAD which got me thinking about her again.

Overall this is a great day, though. The smell, the look, the atmosphere--all just right! I had Dixie Chili coneys while watching THAT GIRL, saw THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB which I may watch more often now when I'm home. This afternoon I read and re-read a lot of SPIRIT stuff. Then I recopied some poems to turn in to HORIZONS. I also saw a good BEWITCHED episode that just added to my good feelings. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Walter Matthau were all on THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW. Also saw Bobby S on JIGSAW JOHN tonight and then the first part of that 007 flick I hadn't seen!

NOTES: Presidents Day was still new at the time, having been established only in 1971 to basically combine Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday which were only ten days apart in February. We were always off school for it. This year, my son will NOT be off school for it. Times change.

Jeez, I just couldn't forget Debbie and move on, could I?

This was still a year away from the NEW MICKEY MOUSE CLUB so what I was referring to here must have been syndicated reruns of the fifties episodes with Annette Funicello. They were still being shown as if new when I was a kid so by this point, they were legitimate nostalgia for me.

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