Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday, February 15th, 1976

Sort of a lazy day. Got up at 5:15 to catch a Laurel and Hardy flick.

Finished with my TBG project.

It was hot but awful windy today. Helped dad clean up outside the SS building and we noted a basement window had been knocked out.

I saw DeForrest Kelly this morning on WONDERAMA. Still hoping to see him in person in Louisville this summer.

Talked with Terry for a couple of hours this afternoon while I straightened up my SCT's. I found out that FF # 5 really was reprinted after all and that Terry actually had it in FF Annual # 2.

I finally read a little more on ILLUMINATUS but didn't get to Sherlock today.

Also finally saw SUPERDAD on TV. The beginning was great with the characters introduced and how they met--Kurt Russell and Kathleen Cody (who I LOVED on DARK SHADOWS!)--but then it got a little more serious than most Disney flicks.

NOTES: My biggest question here is--"SCT's?" Not a clue. Bet they were pretty straight after a two hour phone call, however.

I had skipped SUPERDAD in theaters in 1973 for some reason even though I tended to really enjoy the live-action Disney comedies. This one was an attempt at installing HOGAN'S HEROES star Bob Crane in the type of roles that Dean Jones normally played. Jones had been having some personal issues at the time and Disney had left him behind. He attempted, like Tommy Kirk before him, to make low-budegt Disney-LIKE comedies such as MISTER SUPERINVISIBLE but his career faded drastically. Crane, as we all know now, was not exactly the squeaky clean family man he pretended to be but he did a decent job here. Other than a short-run TV series a couple of years later , this would be Crane's last leading role in movies or TV before his still unsolved 1978 murder.

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