Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thursday, February 19th, 1976

Well, I got through the Algebra exam and also a Spanish test but I won't even guess as to how I did on them!

Went across the river today after school. Kidd's had a new Bounty book as well as the HOT STUF' I ordered more than a week back that probably still won't show up for a couple weeks. Also SCHLOMO RAVEN was finally out! Great! Very much like those old MAD paperbacks! I managed to resist the temptation to pick up any other things.

Watched the second annual PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS tonight. Some good choices the people made, too!

NOTES: THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS were founded as a response to complaints that the stuff that's really popular never seems to win anything. As I recall, in the beginning at least they worked pretty well to rectify that. Eventually they settled into just another awards show. The 1976 presentation was hosted by CHICO & THE MAN's Jack Albertson.

Bounty books were a series of trade paperbacks from the UK on various aspects of films--disaster movies, vampire films, censored films, etc. I bought most of them because they had images and info I just never found anywhere else.

SCHLOMO RAVEN was actually the first of a digest-sized series of graphic novels called FICTION ILLUSTRATED packaged by Byron Preiss. This one was illustrated in Will Elder style by Tom Sutton, better known today as a horror artist. Due to its odd format and ever-changing contents, the series was not successful. In fact, toward the end, it was converted to standard trade paperback size on better paper but it still didn't help sales.

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