Monday, February 21, 2011

Saturday, February 21st, 1976.

IT happened again. $3.83. Ugh! Worst part of the day. Why can't I control myself? I am ME! I must learn to control all aspects of myself!

Afternoon was better. After years of reading about how good it is, I finally saw CASABLANCA! And it really was! The story was just good but boy, the individual moments! Everyone has his favorite but mine has to be the ending. I may even see it again tomorrow when they do the rerun--at least the ending!

It rained all day. Dad and I watched DIRTY HARRY together for the third time. Maybe that's why he was in a good enough mood to allow me to stay up to see the Marx Brothers movie!

NOTES: "It" was happening off and on in between mentions of it here, also. I didn't document every time. I presume the $3.83 was some dirty magazine I had bought for like $3.75 and tax. It was easy to blame such mags for planting the idea in my head but I kept buying the mags anyway. The heavy levels of guilt seem so odd to me now and yet even today my own son (Shhh! don't tell him I told you) has similar guilt issues over his sexuality after a much more progressive upbringing than I ever had.

My dad had taken me to see DIRTY HARRY in the theaters a couple of years earlier because he liked Clint Eastwood from TV. It was the first Eastwood movie I had ever seen and I immediately became a fan.

As a Bogart fan and a film buff, this was, of course, a red letter day for me! I finally saw CASABLANCA! When pressed to narrow my favorites down to one single movie, to this day, more often than not, I will name CASABLANCA! I have probably seen it 50 times since including three times in crowded theaters. Every moment is a gem and the overall package glows in its glorious black and white!

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  1. Interesting about you and your adult mags... I have daughters and they grudgingly speak to me about sex... I felt that given our circumstances, it would be better for them to have an open line of commuication about sex with me than their mom...

    ... when my Mom found my stash she bought me the John Donne book 'As A Man Thinketh'!