Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tuesday, February 3rd, 1976

Again I allowed myself to become involved and again I came away with a bad feeling. An overheard conversation between Melody Rush and her brother led me to become disillusioned about her. There's no denying it. I to myself am too good for them. Only when I become involved do I stoop to their levels and become involved in their kinds of problems. I am different and therefore I cannot be the same. I realize that there may come a day when I have to accept "the real world" but I'm going to hold out as long as I can.

One of my own more important problems right now is deciding between Sherlock Homes versus Jack the Ripper in A STUDY IN TERROR or Siegel and Shuster (maybe with Neal Adams) on WEEKEND late this Saturday. None of the kind of problems I hear about--date problems, drug problems, school problems (well...). I admit I'm better than them and those kinds of problems but then no one can be perfect. I'm alone. Is that the closest one can get to perfection in this world? Or do we all have a special destiny?

NOTES: More deep musings. I never had a lot of close friends--still don't. I remain afraid of taking on other people's issues and problems. I've done it too often. I never learned how to do "friends" correctly. I'm great in a crisis, funny and pithy from a distance but pull me close and I take it all instead I push you away. Then and now. Some things never change.

Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were pushing their claims against DC again, although this time publicly in the wake of the announcement of the impending SUPERMAN movie (which wouldn't actually turn up for a few years). Comics' biggest artist, Neal Adams, had taken up their cause also and they were to appear on TV...apparently opposite the then-rarely screened A STUDY IN TERROR. That was a 1965 Sherlock Holmes picture starring John Neville as the great detective. The poster above is obviously from 1966 as it attempts to hint the film was camp a-la BATMAN. It is not.

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