Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friday, February 27th, 1976

Talk about bad news!! First I got a 63 on a test and then Terry tells me he just found out the Yellow Kid Comic Shoppe closed...over a week ago!! I'm sure I'll get over it but nothing could have added any worse to my present feelings of being down. Boy...I'll have to wait over a week now for the comics downtown to catch up to the books I've already got! Man...This has just got me so depressed!

The only real good thing that happened today is that I got the Hot Stuf' 2 in the mail that I ordered a few weeks ago.

I may go see THE SUNSHINE BOYS to cheer myself up. I know it will if I see it.

NOTES: I remember being just stunned by the closure of the comic shop just a month or so after the big newspaper article talking about how well they were doing. I went back to the storefront they had shared with a used record store many times and even sometimes peaked in the back where the comics shop was...only to see just empty boxes and stored LP's. Sigh. It was literally--to me at that time--like losing a friend.

Above you see the cover of the long coveted HOT STUF' 2 I received that day in the mail. Ironically, one of its main attractions was a story featuring artist Gray Morrow's character, Orion. Years later, I would start the first Gray Morrow tribute blog on the Web.

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