Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monday, February 9th, 1976

Luck has arrived! The only bad thing about today was that Mom's week off was cut to today only. I did good on Spanish and History tests and the temperatures led me closer to that good feeling again. I did a hard Algebra problem on the board exactly right! In Physics, Lisa left our experiment group and we did good for a change!

Best of all I found out I've been worrying for noting about the pictures for they aren't even back yet.

On TV, I saw Roddy and Karen on H.S. and RICH LITTLE respectively. Saw Sally Struthers again, too. Next week is Part One of the only 007 flick I haven't seen and Bobby Sherman guests on JIGSAW JOHN.

Speaking of Bobby, I've decided to put down all my memories of Debbie--the true (as I recall it) story of my relationship with her. I call it THE TRUTH.

I also saw evidence at school that maybe Jessica just doesn't care for me as opposed to actively dislikes me.

NOTES: Not sure how far I got on this idea of THE TRUTH because I don't have it. Since I seem to have every other little scrap of paper from this period, I can't imagine I wouldn't keep that. Perhaps I realized as I put things down that we were just kids--playmates! I was such a hopeless romantic that I had built it up in my head that it was a "relationship" but it wasn't.

The plot thickens regarding the worrisome pictures but still no real clues as to what they are.

Rich Little is the famous impressionist whose own series had begun a week earlier and would run until summer. Looks like the whole series is available on DVD. Apparently Karen Valentine--the first celeb from whom I ever got an autographed picture--was on it this evening. I really liked Rich and in a few years would get to shake hands with him during a local live appearance. Roddy McDowall, another favorite star, was seen on HS which I presume to be HOLLYWOOD SQUARES , the game show where both he and Karen Valentine were semi-regulars.

The 007 movie was ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE, the George Lazenby one. Its initial network showing was in two parts over two weeks. Although it's many Bond fans' favorite in spite of Lazenby, I was not impressed.

JIGSAW JOHN was a cop show that had also premiered the week before and would run until the beginning of the following season.It starred the always reliable character actor, Jack Warden, a favorite of my dad's.


  1. I have the The Rich Little Show dvd set. Very entertaining variety show, unfortunately and strangely it doesn't include the very episode you mention in your journal entry here (with Ms. Valentine and McLean Stevenson as guests (** don't know if you read this but I love this blog of your old journal entries. I've been enormously nostalgic for the years '74-'77 pop culture. (I was between 3-6yrs back then and my exposure to TV just started to form, music a little less, and what was playing in movie theaters close to none. so formed my great curiosity) Thanks!