Tuesday, February 8, 2011

****EXTRA**** Seventies Sitcoms

Here are the intros to a bunch of shows I was watching in the seventies. All of these short-lived sitcoms were ones my family watched regularly except for THE ASSOCIATES of which I never saw a single episode.


  1. CPO Sharkey and Quark were on NBC... I used to think I was the only person in Detroit who watched either of those shows..!

    It was neat to see a young Martin Short and Shelley Smith (pre-Busom Buddies). Never even knew Mel Brooks did a show for the telly... did not stop him in his tracks though.

    If you and your family watched ALL of these shows, you guys were a little out of the ordinary and I do mean this in a good way!

  2. The days when TV shows had original theme music instead of a classic rock song.

    I use to watch CPO Sharkey. I don't recall the other shows.

  3. I recall the Partners and Roll Out...neither lasted long. CPO Sharkey lasted longer but was bad for me since I resembled Seaman Pruitt and was always getting called Pruitt by Steak & Shake customers in 1977/78. I NEVER saw Quark until I bought it on DVD recently. Never saw the Associates but I wanted to...
    Never saw this the Paul Lynde or Bob Crane shows here...the Bob Crane show looks awful.
    I watched very little TV from 1976-1984 due to where and who I was living with and then my later military service. I did see Lotsa Luck...it was another adaption of a UK sitcom and I thought it was not very good. Now I NEVER missed an episode of WHEN THINGS WERE ROTTEN...it's a show I really wish WAS on DVD... Only 13 eps were made. Funny show!

  4. As you might expect...I DO have WHEN THINGS WERE ROTTEN on DVD! :) Loved that theme song!