Friday, February 11, 2011

Wednesday, February 11th, 1976

Awful windy today. Fifties Day at school. I didn't dress up but those who did looked great! Well...not great but "fifties-ish" at least. Got my highest Spanish grade ever--109!

Mr. Spurlock asked me to do some stories for the school literary and arts magazine, HORIZONS. I didn't even know the school had a literary and arts magazine. I might do it if I get the time.

GOODBYE, BRUCE LEE looked really crowded so I passed it up today. Maybe later. I might order the book version of SWEET HOSTAGE cheap from school along with an Eisner book. Reminds me, the new SPIRIT was out today along with the new PLANET OF THE APES mag.

If I can't find it cheaper by summer, I might order FF # 5 with the first appearance of Dr. Doom for 20 bucks! I hope Overstreet doesn't raise its value. That'll be the most I ever paid for a comic book! I remember when mom got mad when I bought AVENGERS # 16 for a dollar a few years ago!

NOTES: Needless to say, as an outsider, I didn't participate in these school "fun" things. In fact, as often as possible, I tried to find an excuse to call in sick or otherwise avoid "Field Day," "Kiddie Day," etc. Good thing I didn't stay home today, though, or I'd have missed that Spanish grade!

School book fairs often had great books you could order that weren't available in stores. In this case, SWEET HOSTAGE was by Nathaniel Benchley (Son of humorist Robert Benchley and father of JAWS author Peter) and was the original book on which a then-recent Linda Blair TV movie I greatly enjoyed had been based. The Will Eisner book they offered was one of the Spirit creator's "Gleeful Guides" published in the seventies. I ended up not ordering that one for some reason.

FF # 5 for twenty bucks. I should have done it at the time. As it is, that ended up being the very last issue of FANTASTIC FOUR I needed to complete my collection circa 1993 and I ended up having to pay one hundred and fifty dollars in cash and trade for a Fair condition copy! By the time I had to sell it (along with the whole collection sadly) a few years later, though, I made that back double!

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