Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monday, February 2nd, 1976

Received even more proof today that I should never get involved in anything at school.

We went over to SS when lot of people were still there tonight! Couldn't get anything done. Last time we do that.

Tonight we watched SECOND HONEYMOON.

NOTES: Obviously another slow day. Looking ahead, it would be the last one for quite a while.

With no other clues, I have no idea what occurred at school that day.

Normally the office workers at the SS office we cleaned nightly would leave by 6 PM and turn off most of the lights. Then, at our convenience, we'd go over and start work. On an average night, it took about an hour to an hour and a half when we were all three doing it. My dad would get the floors, I would get the bathrooms and empty all the trashcans and ashtrays at about fifty desks and my mother would get the conference room and the various personal offices. Later, when I started doing most of it on my own, I would go in after midnight, kick off my shoes, turn up the office's stereo system and work as long as needed. Even took a girl there once...AHEM...but THAT didn't happen in 1976 so you don't get that story. Sorry.

SECOND HONEYMOON was the first of a brief series of new specials of Jackie Gleason's HONEYMOONERS that would be seen over the next few years. Gleason had last revived his classic characters in a 1973 special so here he gives them the whole show. It proved so popular that several more followed over the next couple of TV seasons, even as Gleason transformed his image to become a first class big-screen character actor/star specializing in villains.

Gleason was my dad's all-time TV favorite so no doubt we both laughed ourselves silly at this special that night.

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