Sunday, February 6, 2011

Friday, February 6th, 1976

Managed to stay out of things pretty well today. Turned in my typed up report. I have to go over another Holmes story for Monday, now. I've got quite a bit of weekend homework and I plan to see ROOSTER COGBURN, too.

It snowed off and on again and I held onto my STAR TREK record of catching at least one per week.

I watched THE GETAWAY on TV tonight. I didn't like it. But Sally Struthers as a nymphomaniac? Weird, man!

NOTES: ROOSTER COGBURN was the sequel to John Wayne's TRUE GRIT, a fun but inconsequential film marking the Duke's first on-screen pairing with the great Katherine Hepburn. It received quite a bit of pre-release publicity at the time but I was fated NOT to see it until it hit television a few years later.

THE GETAWAY was the amoral action flick from 1972 with Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw. Even edited for television, it left a bad taste in my mouth all around although I was obviously intrigued by the appearance of ALL IN THE FAMILY's "Gloria" in an overtly sexual role.


  1. This was my 7th birthday!! My Mother told me that my 7th year would be a great one. She was right!! One of my favorite memories occurred during the fourth of July weekend!! I even wrote a column for ENR ( Express News and Reviews!! ) I love BOTH of your journals!! I only wish that there were more to read!!

  2. Thanks much! I did find one I kept in 1980-81 when I was in a local comedy troupe but I decided there was too much sex and drugs in that one--not for me--and that some folks might not want their names mentioned in connection with it. I contacted one girl who was in the group with me and she denied ever knowing me even though I sent her pictures! Oh, well!

    1. I understand . The only journal that I actually have is the one that I kept in 1995 . I do not even have the first ten notebooks that contained stories that I wrote back in Junior High . I have the rest of them , however .