Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 23rd, 1976

Finally settled "paper" deal on way from Library after a long comics talk with Mr. T.

Hard work at SS tonight but at least I got out early.

Feeling depressed about being different again.

May finally get to see WOODSTOCK.

Saw Larry Hama on M*A*S*H tonight. Weird!

Went to bed early.

NOTES: I remember seeing ads for the WOODSTOCK movie in the newspapers way back in 1970 and not really caring. Didn't even pay close enough attention at the time to know what it was all about. By this point, as a fan of the Who, CSN and others from the legendary concert, I really waned to see it and it was about to be re-released.

Larry Hama is a comic book writer/artist/editor known now for his work with Wally Wood and his role in the creation of the revived G.I.JOE franchise. Ironically, he's also now one of my Facebook friends! 
At the time, I knew him for his work on such titles as WULF THE BARBARIAN and IRON FIST. He also worked in the seventies as a small part actor. I caught his name in the closing credits of M*A*S*H that night and just presumed it was the same guy. A couple of weeks later, it was confirmed in an issue of TBG. That's Larry as the passenger in the clip below.

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